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Prophecy of the Five
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Welcome to Exile.


Exile is a guild of people of good, nay, awesome character who want to play Star Wars: The Old Republic together. We’re not hardcore, we’re casual. We’re not about good players, we’re about good people. If you’re good people, and want other good people to play SW:TOR with, then browse our site. If you like us so much you’re willing to give us the deed to your house, awesome, (but don’t, that’s not smart) just swing into our forums and do the application thing. We’ll then try to get to know you the way we know best (making you pee in a cup, answer ridiculous questions and generally be inquisitive). 

This site is designed to give new folks information about the guild while also acting as a portal for many tools, links, and useful things we can come up with for members. If you have suggestions, put ‘em up on the forums, and we’ll see what we can do.

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